Lynda Huey's Pool and Land Physical Therapy - West Los Angeles, California
A CompletePT physical therapist helping patient with aquatic therapy exercise

CompletePT combines what is best about pool and land physical therapy under one roof. Our attentive staff is committed to providing patients with the highest quality care, treating them with kindness and respect from the first appointment until full recovery. In a luxurious setting, our patients begin their rehabilitation in the 92-degree, heated salt-water pool where they can perform movements possible only in the buoyancy of water.

Man using workout equipment in CompletePT's gym

Next, patients are transitioned to also do exercises that must occur on land against gravity in order to regain function in their activities of daily living.

After injury or surgery, patients are able to re-learn skills of daily life in a non-gravitational setting in the pool, then translate those skills back to land where gravity is reintroduced.

By having our patients move back and forth from pool to land, pool to land, we watch our patients achieve incredible results in improved function and accelerated recovery. Since our pool and land therapy programs are administered by the same physical therapists, patients can see the same therapist throughout their program.

Heal Your Knees and Hips

Person suffering from knee pain

Tired of Knee or Hip Pain?

Don't let painful knees or hips ruin your life. Learn how these joints function and how to do self-diagnostic tests. Follow the pool and land workouts that guide you step by step to banish pain.

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A CompletePT patient success story

Your program has become my most effective healer after several epidurals and various spinal injections to relieve the intense back and leg pain I lived with after a fall. 45 sessions of pool therapy and 7 months of Water Power workout classes have given me so much pain relief I no longer take any drugs!!! Thank you! The brilliantly designed exercises we do in the group classes have strengthened my core and back better than any of the popular boot camps and fabulous gyms I've joined through the years!

I will continue to follow you wherever you offer this miraculous program!


After knee surgery last fall I was going nowhere on my road to recovery. Then I started coming to see Lynda and her team at CompletePT and saw exciting and continual progress. Thanks to them I’m getting closer every day to my goal of running again!


WATCH KB sprinting in the pool with Lynda Huey

KB - CompletePT

The therapists at CompletePT have done a great job of being both nurturing and challenging during my recuperation from a back injury. My improvements in the last two months have been amazing! I feel stronger and much better than I ever have. I look forward to my appointments each week.


THANKS!!! You are all the very best! Although sometimes painful and tough, each of you I worked with made my rehab experience great. I always appreciate your smiles and kindness and care! Please keep up the great work. I'll be back next year when I have my other knee operated on.


A CompletePT patient success story

53 weeks after surgery--second place zuma beach coed 4's tourney (13 games!)--couldn't have done it without you! all my best


After having a total hip replacement, I came to CPT wobbling on a cane. Twenty-One days of therapy with Kevin Wagner gave me "complete" confidence and motivation to push myself harder. I did. Happy indeed with the therapy I received. The staff is truly awesome. Thank you CPT.


I think the staff is just wonderful. They are courteous, caring and always willing to help, and make you feel so welcome.


What an amazing staff from the office to the physical therapists. I was always met with encouragement and my sessions were catered specifically to my needs in that particular day. All of my questions were always answered and my progress was tracked with the utmost care. Thank you to all.


The integrated approach between the pool and land are the best method I've ever experienced.


I was most impressed with not only the physical therapist skills, but also their caring. They have a wide variety of techniques that not only helped the flexibility of my knee, but also strengthen the surrounding muscles. The PT staff coordinated my progress between my twice weekly visits so that they knew what I needed in my next visit. The administrative staff also did an excellent job in working out times so that appointments could be scheduled. They also made follow-up phone calls to ensure that I knew exactly when my next appointment was scheduled. Without their professionalism, the entire operation would be less successful. Follow up exercises were printed out for me so I can continue my exercises at home. No small matter is the excellent parking – especially important to those of us needing therapy. Overall an excellent experience.


My son is a doctor - he now recommends Pool Therapy and he is a neurosurgeon. He originally wanted me to have surgery.


My experience with Lindsay & Robert has been one of caring - listening to my problems and treating it with care & clarity - I've been in pain for close to 5 years and Lindsay's treatment is the first time I've had relief. I'm very grateful.


A CompletePT patient success story

I woke up one day with terrible leg pain and went to a doctor who gave me shots and pain killers and it didn’t help. My son is a doctor and knew about CompletePT and told me about it. Before I came here I had no idea that such a place existed in such a professional setting. It took a few months of physical therapy for the pain to decrease in my leg and to wean off the pain killers.

Physical therapy on land and pool here has helped me tremendously because if I were not coming here I would be sitting in the chair at home or going from sitting at home to sitting in the car.

It is amazing how easy and comforting it is to exercise in the water. Exercising in the pool has helped so that the leg pain is mostly gone and my back pain is better. I am 100 years old and at my age I can’t expect to not have any pain, but I can walk better and stand up straighter than I could before.

Both the men and women of the employees here are very professional and everything is done very professionally. I appreciate what everyone has done.