Lynda Huey

Photo of Lynda Huey, founder of Huey's Ahtletic Network

Lynda Huey, M.S., founder of Huey's Athletic Network, is a former athlete and coach whose own injuries led her into the water to find fitness and healing. She was educated at San Jose State University where she starred on the track and field team during its golden years. She earned a masters degree in kinesiology, coached volleyball, field hockey, and track and field at several universities before writing her autobiography and starting her own business. She pioneered the use of water training with Olympic athletes in 1983 and wrote four books on water exercise. She has written for most of American's top sports magazines, hosted a sports show on KCRW, and worked for NBC at the Seoul Olympic Games. She lectures regularly in Australia, Italy, and the U.S. and appears on TV in those countries.

Since 1993, Huey has combined her knowledge of working with injured Olympic athletes with the expertise of physical therapists to create an excellent set of aquatic therapy protocols. Our eclectic mix of remarkable physical therapists offer orthopedic, rheumatological, and neurological patients a progressive environment in which to regain full function.

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