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The Complete Waterpower Workout Book, by Lynda Huey and Robert Forster, P.T.

The textbook and bestseller in its field offers deep and shallow-water fitness programs as well as therapy programs for all areas of the body. Published by Random House, this book is 371 pages and includes over 200 photos.


The Complete Waterpower Workout Book, by Lynda Huey and Robert Forster, P.T.

Millions of people are discovering the benefits of working out in water—Olympic athletes, dancers, fitness enthusiasts, workout rookies, pregnant women, seniors, even those recovering from injuries or surgery. Working against water’s natural resistance makes for a healthier, more balanced workout than is possible on land—with virtually no risk of damage to the body, . Water exercise is so safe that doctors and physical therapists are prescribing it as part of injury rehabilitation programs. Written by the leading water exercise trainer and a renowned sports physical therapist, The Complete Waterpower Workout Book is the definitive guide to this fitness and healing breakthrough. It offers:

Waterpower and Deep Waterpower: Two basic programs, one low impact and the other no impact, can be tailored to provide everyone with the right fitness challenge.

Total Fitness: Both programs build aerobic and anaerobic fitness, muscle strength and tone, flexibility, good body alignment, and agility.

Sports and Dance Workouts: Athletes and dancers can work on the strength and skills they need without the overtraining injuries so common on land.

Water Healing: Those who have been injured or who have undergone surgery can use the water healing workouts in this book, developed with orthopedic surgeon Dan Silver, M.D., to speed recovery while maintaining or even improving fitness.

With easy-to-follow instructions and two hundred photographs, this is the one book you need to fully participate in this vitally important new wave in fitness.

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