We Welcome Dr. Rasouli’s Patients to CompletePT!

Dr Alex Rasouli

We recognize Dr. Rasouli as one of America’s cutting-edge spine surgeons.

We greatly respect his belief that 90% of all patients with back problems don’t need surgery. Our goal is to help you become part of the 90% and avoid surgery.

Thus we refer patients to him and he refers patients to our unique pool and land physical therapy program. Our innovative pool program is considered the gold standard of aquatic therapy, and our land therapists use skilled hands-on advanced work such as McKenzie and Mulligan techniques.

Our Mission Statement

CompletePT is committed to helping patients recover from injury, pain, and physical dysfunction using a combined program of pool and land physical therapy. Our dedicated physical therapists help patients prepare for surgery, prevent surgery, or recover from surgery. We believe that with our guidance, patients can learn to direct their own physical well-being and become independent and proactive in conducting their own life-long exercise regimens.

Patients with Back Pain Respond Well in Water!

We’ve had hundreds of patients tells us how they had tried “everything” and nothing really worked for them…..until they got into our warm therapy pool. We have everything it takes to get results:

  • Therapists in the pool right next to the patient
  • A unique double bar system along the sides of the pool that stabilizes the spine and provides confidence even to non-swimmers
  • Dozens of exercises specifically for strengthening core muscles
  • Stretching exercises to help relieve pain and muscle spasms
  • A relaxing spinal distraction technique at the end of sessions
  • “Reward” time in the Jacuzzi after exiting the pool.
In warm water, patients are able to remove all weight from the spine and disc. 

This allows them to move more easily and regain the strength they need to protect their backs.

Why Water?

HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE reduces your swelling, pain, and discomfort the minute you step into the pool by surrounding and compressing your muscles, tendons, joints, and spine.

BUOYANCY is the biggest difference between physical therapy in water and physical therapy on land.  With the water’s buoyancy lifting upward instead of gravity pulling downward, you will find you can move in ways that would be impossible on land.  For instance, nearly all patients with back pain can do squats while standing in chest-deep water even when they wouldn’t dare to think of doing a squat on land.

RESISTANCE offered by the water is the workload that strengthens muscles.  In the water, where there is no weight carried on joints, the muscles can be strengthened without impact, and you can often achieve a pain-free result within a few weeks.

Answers to Patient Concerns

Water therapy is not swimming. You might not want to get your hair wet or perhaps you are a non-swimmer.  You will be in an upright position and your hair doesn’t have to get wet.  You will wear a flotation belt and your therapist will be right next to you as you hold the double bars for safety.

Our pool is 92-degrees warm, comfortable from the first moment you enter.  Ours is a salt-water system, not chlorine, so your skin feels silky after the session.

Locker rooms and showers are spacious and comfortable.  Safety bars assist you if you want a hand hold while showering.

What to Expect at CompletePT

Dr. Rasouli will write you a prescription for physical therapy (PT). When you call CompletePT, one of our patient care coordinators will help you find a time that works for you for your initial evaluation. They will ask you for your insurance information so that they can verify your benefits. Every policy is different and we do our best to make sure you understand your benefits before you begin.

The evaluation is a 40-minute session with one of our exceptional physical therapists, who will talk with you about your history and symptoms. They will perform appropriate physical tests to learn what your limitations are and what exercises will be best for you.

At the end of the evaluation, your PT will walk with you to the front desk to advise how many visits per week you are to schedule and whether your treatments will be all pool, all land, or a combination. Please bring your calendar with you so that you may schedule your future appointments. The farther you can schedule ahead, the more likely you will get exactly the time and the therapist you desire.

What to Expect at a Pool Appointment

You will be changing into your bathing suit, so please come early enough that you can already be in your suit and seated poolside at the time of your appointment. While patients are always eager to get into the warm water, we ask that you wait in the chairs poolside until you have been instructed to enter the pool by your therapist.

For safety, please wear closed-toe shoes to and from the locker room. Please bring a lock for your locker, a towel, and toiletries for showering afterward.

What to Expect at a Land Appointment

Come at least ten minutes early to your appointment so that you can sign in at the front desk and pay any fees applicable. Then you will be seated in the waiting room until you are called to go upstairs for land treatments. Be sure to wear comfortable, loose clothing so you can easily exercise.  Sessions generally last 40-60 minutes depending on what the therapist puts into your program.

How To Reach Us

3283 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034