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Lynda has launched a podcast – Meet the Doctors.  Head on over to MeetTheDoctorsPodcast.com to hear the very latest.

Thomas Susko, M.D. “Women and Arthritis”

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As part of CompletePT’s Free Lecture Series to the community, rheumatologist Thomas Susko, M.D., of Santa Monica presented an engaging talk on osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  More than fifty people were there, all of them paying rapt attention while learning the latest information that is available in 2011.     Here are some key points made by Dr. Susko. Osteoarthritis …

Pool Workouts for NBA Centers Wilt Chamberlain & Emeka Okafor

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In the 1980s, when I first started taking some of the world’s best athletes into the pool, my long-time companion Wilt Chamberlain had elbow surgery by Frank Jobe, M.D. to repair a triceps tendon he had torn playing racquetball.  Wilt wanted to speed healing and we had learned that pool workouts certainly seemed to do that.  Thus I took Wilt …

How to Prevent Knee Surgery for a Meniscus Tear

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If your doctor just told you that you have a torn meniscus and you need knee arthroscopy, you may decide you want to do more research before going straight into the operating room.  What to do about a meniscus tear depends on the kind of tear, the location of the tear, and the quality of the meniscus that is left.  …