Lynda Huey’s Waterpower Workout® Classes

COVID-19 Rules:

  • Clients MUST schedule in advance.
  • We recommend you arrive in your pool clothes with sweats over them.  You can pull off and store your sweats by the pool.
  • Max of 10 people per class for now.
  • Instructor will most likely be deckside.
  • Payments must be made online before scheduling.
  • Scheduling must be done online.
  • Cancellations within 4 hours of the class and No Shows will be charged a full session.

Thank you for your understanding.

Lynda Huey, M.S. started offering Waterpower Workout classes over 30 years ago. Her well-respected program has been taught at UCLA and in many locations in the United States and around the world. She has taught her program and teaching techniques to our excellent instructors. Join us in our 92-degree salt-water pool. This is the safest possible low-impact workout with world-class fitness results. Includes cardiovascular training, core work, stretching, and strengthening. If appropriate for students, there are also running and jumping exercises. To be eligible for these classes you must be able to enter and exit the pool independently. Bring your own towel and lock. Spacious locker room available.

Payment by Amex, Visa, MasterCard only. No checks or cash accepted.

Class Packages are non-refundable, non-extendable, non-shareable, and non-transferable to other persons. They are subject to time limits. Packages expire 2 years from purchase date. Note: Packages will be extended one full year due to the pandemic.

Classes MUST be scheduled in advance, absolutely NO WALK-INS.

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Waterpower Workout Classes
Waterpower Workout

Lynda Huey’s Original Waterpower Workout (Shallow)

This class is for those seeking a challenging high-intensity workout. Experience with water aerobics is helpful but not necessary.

Not appropriate for those with acute medical conditions.

Begin with running and bouncing across the shallow end of the pool followed by jumping exercises that can be performed by most fitness levels. Flotation belts are used only if there’s a weight-bearing injury to be protected. Next comes 30 minutes of aerobic and anaerobic work, then students perform upper and lower body strengthening exercises. Finish with stretching.

  • Mon, Wed & Fridays | 12:20 – 1:20PM
Waterpower Workout

Deep Waterpower Workout

This class is for those seeking a moderate to challenging workout. Experience with water aerobics is helpful but not necessary.

Put on a flotation belt and run, Powerwalk, and Speedwalk in the deep end for interval training. Stretch, kick training, agility exercises, all with no weight-bearing. Finish with upper/lower body strengthening exercises.

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays | 12:20 – 1:20PM
  • Saturdays | 2 – 3PM
Waterpower Workout

Gentle Water Exercise Class

This class is designed for those seeking an easier level of exercise. Appropriate for those recovering from surgery or starting the first exercise program in years. Gentle and self-paced.

Increase cardiovascular endurance. Complete exercises at your own pace at an easy-to-moderate intensity. May do deep water exercises at the wall or tethered depending on level of ability. Most exercises completed at the wall or “braced” rather than free floating. Increase strength by using the water as resistance. Pool resistance equipment is available for those who wish to use it. Overall, slower pace, lighter intensity.

  • Mondays – Fridays | 6:00 – 7:00PM
  • Saturdays | 3:15 – 4:15PM
Waterpower Workout

Waterpower for Knees & Hips

This class is in a gravity-free environment, deep water, for people with knee or hip pain.

Start in deep water to remove all impact from weight bearing joints. Run, Powerwalk and Speedwalk deep-water intervals are modified here to protect the knees and mobilize the hips. Move to stretching, kick training and deep-water exercises. Finish with lower body strengthening for muscles surrounding the knees and hips.

Waterpower Workout

Advanced Waterpower Workout

Taught by movement specialist Steve Molina, this class will delight and surprise you.

This is a class of great diversity – one that has people of all ages who are working toward higher fitness goals. If you’re looking to crosstrain for your sport or to improve your cardiovascular and muscular power, this class is for you!

Classes held at CompletePT Pool & Land Physical Therapy

3283 Motor Ave (at National Blvd. in West L.A.) Los Angeles, CA 90034 Waterpower Workout 2022 Schedule Waterpower Workout Classes are $30 per class.


Since I’ve been taking the Waterpower Workout class, I have noticed that it is easier for me to go up stairs especially, and surprisingly, down stairs as well! I notice my back is stronger and my posture is better from the great core exercise. From the start, I have noticed an improvement each class in my ability to stay balanced upright in the pool as my core muscles get stronger. Elaine is fantastic with instructions that consistently cue the class to correct their form.

I had a hip replacement years ago and find that since taking classes, my hip is stronger and aches less of the time. I also have a click in one knee which makes it difficult for me to ride a bicycle or use weight machines for my legs in the gym, whereas in the Waterpower Workout I can get a great leg workout without further damaging my knee!

Some days I do not feel like exercising, but when I get in the wonderful warm pool and start moving, my fatigue melts away and I feel energized afterwards!


The Complete Waterpower Workout Book by Lynda Huey and Robert Forster, P.T.

This textbook is the bestseller in its field and offers deep and shallow-water fitness programs plus therapy programs for all areas of the body. Published by Random House, the book is 371 pages and includes over 200 photos.

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Waterpower Workout Book

Lynda Huey’s Waterpower Workout DVD

From the producers of Good Morning America. A beautiful 51-minute DVD begins with a look at the basics of water training, then five exercise segments: Deep Waterpower, Waterpower, Kick Training, Resistance Training, and Stretching.

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Waterpower Workout DVD

Waterpower therapeutic workouts have been a tremendous help for my body. Having had neck /shoulder & back injuries has left me unable to do the normal physical activities I enjoy. I am not a swimmer and I never thought I would overcome my fear of water. Taking classes here at this wonderful facility, I have overcome such fear. Elaine as an instructor is very knowledgeable and attentive. I now take little to no medication because of the water work-outs. Hooray!


Since joining the Waterpower Workout class I have noticed a decrease in stiffness in my legs and hips. The exercises move my joints and help keep them as flexible as possible. I enjoy the Waterpower Workout class overall and look forward to coming three times a week!


I love the Waterpower Workout! It is very therapeutic as it helps my legs and thighs to be stronger, and it strengthens my core. It has helped me to develop good posture as well. This is the perfect work out for me considering that I just had a baby a year ago as I have lost weight doing this program. I would highly recommend these classes!


Cool Down and Get in Shape! Summer Water Workouts

Summer is here and that means its hot, hot, hot in Southern California. Swimming in the pool is a fabulous way to beat the heat. It can also be a fun workout to keep your summer body in shape. Fitness expert Lynda Huey joined KTLA with some easy to do summer water workouts.

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NBC’s LA reporter, Dr Bruce Hensel, speaks with Lynda Huey about Water and Land Therapy.

The pool has helped me a lot!

The first time I came to the pool I had a very welcome reception. I was asked to walk three times back and forth across the pool and by the time I finished the third time, I felt my right leg ease up which had been hurting badly. I then went to the deep end for some more exercises which were good, and when it was time to finish I was reluctant to leave the pool.

When I finish each Waterpower Workout, I feel so refreshed, and the people are so friendly that I looked forward to going to the pool every day!