LH Tiananmen Square

China: From Sports to World Power

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  This morning’s news that the world’s wealthiest countries were having an economic meeting in Bejing grabbed my attention.  Whenever I hear anything about China’s new dominance as a world power, a part of me remembers what China was like in 1976 and I shake my head in disbelief. When Mao Tse-Tung took power in 1949, China became a closed …


Thomas Susko, M.D. “Women and Arthritis”

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As part of CompletePT’s Free Lecture Series to the community, rheumatologist Thomas Susko, M.D., of Santa Monica presented an engaging talk on osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  More than fifty people were there, all of them paying rapt attention while learning the latest information that is available in 2011.     Here are some key points made by Dr. Susko. Osteoarthritis …


On The Right Track

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Los Angeles is the sports capital of the world for many athletes both professional and recreational. Where else can people hike, mountain bike, surf, and play beach volleyball all within a few mile radius? And nearby is the elite UCLA track at Drake stadium that is known around the world. On any day of the week an array of entertainment …


Pool Workouts for NBA Centers Wilt Chamberlain & Emeka Okafor

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In the 1980s, when I first started taking some of the world’s best athletes into the pool, my long-time companion Wilt Chamberlain had elbow surgery by Frank Jobe, M.D. to repair a triceps tendon he had torn playing racquetball.  Wilt wanted to speed healing and we had learned that pool workouts certainly seemed to do that.  Thus I took Wilt …


ICE: A Free, Frozen Miracle

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Ice is life’s most under-recognized drug and it needs no prescription.  It’s right there in your freezer waiting for you.  It’s easy to apply to an injury and quick to start working. When an injury occurs, immediate application of ice constricts the capillaries to help prevent bleeding and swelling in the injured and creating a bruise.  The use of ice …